What Is The Green Deal?

You can make energy-saving improvements to your home or business without having to pay all the costs up front through the Green Deal…the biggest home improvement programme since World War II. DECC

The Green Deal Scheme UK launched on 28th January 2013 aims to improve the energy efficiency of millions of homes and businesses in Scotland, England and Wales. For instance – anyone responsible for a residential property be they homeowners, landlords or tenants, can invest in over 45 energy-efficient home improvements (like insulation and double glazing) and pay nothing upfront to enjoy a warmer home and reduce wasted energy.

Over the last few months, thousands of businesses have been involved in training to deliver the green deal.

What is involved?

  • STEP 1: You Instruct an approved Advisor/Assessor to create a plan for you [INSTRUCT AN ADVISOR NOW]
  • STEP 2: You Instruct a Provider to provide finance for the measures designated in your plan
  • STEP 3: You Instruct an Installer to carry out the work involved in making your property for energy-effieicent

Who can apply?

Just about everyone in the UK can apply and those who apply early in England and Wales may also be eligible for the Green Deal Cashback scheme:

The Green Deal Cashback Scheme is a first-come, first-served, limited offer where householders can claim cash back from Government on energy saving improvements like insulation, front doors, windows and boilers.

In Scotland, the government is

offering owner occupiers, private and social tenants and private sector landlords up to £500 towards energy efficiency measures that are recommended in either the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Green Deal assessment.

The government intends the initiative to be a nationwide, easy to access scheme that benefits people living in every region of the UK, wether rich or poor. As the Green Deal finance initiative is not a personal loan, it is not a means tested endeavour, and there will be absolutely no need for a credit history check during the application process.

It is open to homeowners, landlords and tenants. For example – if you are a tenant and living in a rented property, you are welcome to apply, with the express consent of your landlord, and vice versa!

Who applies for the deal?

It could be either the landlord or the tenant, but tenants will not be able to attach a Green Deal to a rental property without the clear consent of the property landlord. In addition, the landlord will need to gain the consent of the tenant in order to attach the GD charge to their electricity bill.

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What are the benefits?

The main aim of the green deal is in making your property more energy-efficient to help you save money on your energy bills in the coming years.

How Much Can I Get?

The aim of the Green Deal is to enable private firms, utility companies, local councils and charities to offer ELIGIBLE energy efficiency improvements to you, by offering up to approx. £10, 000 pounds in Green Deal Funding via Green Deal Finance.

Be advised – the Deal will only provide as much finance as is required to carry out  the recommended work required to your property.

What Improvements can I get?

  1. Photovoltaics (Solar Panels)
  2. Gas-fired condensing boilers
  3. Oil-fired condensing boilers
  4. Heating controls for wet central heating systems
  5. Hot water controls
  6. Cylinder thermostats
  7. Loft or rafter insulation
  8. Cavity wall insulation
  9. Roof insulation
  10. Under floor insulation
  11. Pipework insulation
  12. Room in roof insulation
  13. External wall insulation systems
  14. Internal wall insulation systems
  15. Hot water cylinder insulation
  16. Draught proofing
  17. High performance external doors
  18. Replacement glazing
  19. Secondary glazing
  20. Solar water heating
  21. Air source heat pumps
  22. Ground source heat pumps
  23. Water source heat pumps
  24. Micro combined heat and power
  25. Micro wind generation (Wind Turbines)
  26. Biomass boilers
  27. Biomass room heaters
  28. Chillers
  29. Duct insulation
  30. Fan-assisted storage heaters
  31. Flue gas heat recovery devices
  32. Heating ventilation and air-conditioning controls
  33. Hot water showers
  34. Hot water systems
  35. Hot water taps
  36. Lighting systems, fittings and controls
  37. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems
  38. Radiant heating
  39. Sealing improvements (including duct sealing)
  40. Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices
  41. Transpired solar collectors
  42. Under-floor heating
  43. Variable speed drives for fans and pumps
  44. Warm-air units
  45. Waste water heat recovery devices attached to showers

Do I Need To Pay Anything Upfront?

The householder pays nothing up-front, but repays over years on their energy bills.

How Long Does It Take To Pay Back the Finance?

Green Deal Finance funding for your property will be recouped by instalments, over 25 years or less, from a charge on the property’s electric bill.

How Do I Pay Back The GD £10K

You pay back the ten thousand pounds you have borrowed from Green Deal Finance by using the savings you make by having reduced your energy bill. GD repayments will no higher than the money you have saved on your fuel bills.

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Is The Green Deal Like A Personal Loan? Is This More Debt for me?

Green Deal Finance is a finance plan and not a personal loan. As it is NOT a personal loan, it is NOT personal debt. The Green Deal Finance debt will be attached to the property’s electric bill and NOT to you.

Is The Deal Means Tested? What If I Have Bad Credit?

The Green Deal scheme is NOT means tested and there will be no need for a credit history check.

What Is The Golden Rule?

The ‘golden rule’ is that the cost of the loan you get from the scheme can’t exceed the value of energy savings achieved.

This ‘golden rule’ means that applicants will be able to gain all the benefits of a warmer, more eco-friendly home without any of the up-front costs you would normally have carrying out such home improvements.

Do I Get An Impartial Assessment?

The assessment of the property is using a standard methodology, stored and independently quality assured.

In addition, the Green Deal Code of Practice will set out the requirements placed on assessors, to ensure that, whatever the employment route for the assessor, the assessment and advice provided must be impartial.

What Will Happen To Assessors Who Do Not GIve An Impartial Assessment?

Sanctions will apply to Assessors in the event that these requirements for assessing Green Deal are not complied with.

What Is The Level Of Protection Against Mis Selling the Green Deal?

Existing regulations already protect consumers from unfair sales practices and provide safeguards with regard to:

  • Distance selling and doorstep selling
  • The Consumer Credit Act 1974 also provides safeguards for people entering into consumer credit arrangements.

All assessor, installer and provider details will be stored on a central database – a Green Deal register – so consumers will be able to check that they are legitimately using the GD logo and abiding by the GD Code of Practice, as approved by legislation.

How Do I PROVE that consent to the GD has been provided?

When signing up to a Green Deal Plan the customer has to ensure they have all the appropriate consents in place for the charge and for installation of the agreed improvements.

This will include written and agreed consent from the current energy bill payer as well as the owner of the property.

This proof of the appropriate consents is provided to the Green Deal Provider and will serve to protect property owners and current energy bill payers – as well as future owners, of course.

Green Deal Approved

Green Deal ApprovedOnly authorised GD installers will be able to call on you stating they are ‘Green Deal Installers‘, for example, and only authorised persons will be able to use the Green Deal Quality Mark on any advertising materials or websites, for instance.

Authorised GD installers & providers will be certified under the relevant certification scheme for their trade.

Trade (industry body) certification schemes will be accredited by UKAS to have met the Green Deal standard, which is being conceived and developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

It is expected that the standard of installation will be appropriately guaranteed, too.

The measures involved will need to have passed certain performance tests and be certified as meeting “minimum” best practice standards before they can be supplied and installed under the initiative.

When Do I Have To Start Re-Payments on my GD agreement?

The GD Provider will tell your electricity company about their GD Plan, so the Plan instalments can start to be collected through on top of your electricity bill. The GD energy supplier will then write to you confirming the Plan details and notifying you of when they will start to collect Plan instalments through your electricity bill.

Do I need To Change The Way I Pay My Electricity Bills?

To keep things simple – you are free to continue paying your electricity bill via the same method and frequency as before you entered into a Green Deal plan.

What If I Fall Into Arrears Because Of My Green Deal Plan?

There should be no reason for you to fall into arrears because of the Green Deal. In addition, you are already protected through obligations on energy companies to treat people fairly when they fall into arrears and these will extend to payments for any improvements to your home.

What Is A Green Deal Assessor / Advisor?

A Green Deal Assessor or Advisor will need to perform an initial Green Deal Assessment of your home or business.

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Is An Assessment FREE?

It depends! You do NOT NEED to pay for a green deal assessment, although some independent companies may charge you to carry out an assessment.

What is an Assessment?

The assessment is the first stage of applying for finance. In an Assessment the Assessor/Advisor will interview you about your energy lifestyle and perform an energy performance survey (or EPC). The Advisor will give you any initial advice and will be able to produce a report tailored for you and about your own circumstances.

What Is A Green Deal Plan?

Your Green Deal Plan for your property will be drawn from the details in your Green Deal Report. It will outline any improvements to the property – such as cavity wall insulation or loft insulation or solid wall insulation or perhaps a new boiler, and perhaps even solar panels, for instance (although many elements of agreed home improvement measures covered by the scheme is still to be confirmed).

What is a Provider?

If you wish to push on and benefit from the deal then you can instruct a Provider to take you to the next stage of the process.

The Provider you choose does NOT have to be your current energy supplier – you are free to chose your own Provider – so in the end this could be a private company you instruct, or your local authority, or another utility firm – or even a charity, if you prefer and find a suitable offer.

The role of any GD Provider is to give you access to GD funding of up to approximately TEN THOUSAND POUNDS of GD Finance. Your GD Provider will help you understand how the Finance plan will work for you and how and when it will be paid back via your electricity bill.

The UK Government is holding talks with selected major national brands, which is expected to include B & Q, Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Virgin, with a view to these and other private sector firms providing the GD finance.

These companies will be known as Green Deal providers and so lessening the burden on the on taxpayers.

Once your Provider has your  Finance in place then an Installer can then be instructed to start work on your property.

Who does the work?

The Installer will fit the pre-agreed energy efficient improvements in accordance with your Green Deal Plan. You may need a couple of Installers who specialise in different energy improvements. Some Providers may have their own installers but you are NOT obliged to go with theirs – you are free to choose your own GD Installer.

Who Pays The Green Deal Installer?

Your Provider will pay your Installer directly using your Finance once “a further” Assessment has been done on the property to ensure that all measures have been installed.

Am I Protected?

It is likely that DECC will insist that all works installed will be required to have an insurance backed warranty covering breakdown or product failure. This insurance backed warranty will probably not however cover fair wear and tear of parts within a boiler for example.

Equally there may be conditions in the Green Deal plan that will require the bill payer to service products or risk invalidating the warranty.

In the end – it may depend on what you are getting done. The Green Deal Provider will always be the first point of contact to resolve any problems with a customer´s Green Deal. They will seek to resolve the matter, through their authorised sub-contractors, and, where requested by the customer, through an Independent Conciliation Service.

If the matter cannot be resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the matter can be referred to the Energy Ombudsman Service, or the Financial Ombudsman Service, dependent on the issue in dispute.

Is There A Number To Call For Free Impartial GD Advice?

The Green Deal Advice Line is run by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) with Careline Services and is expected to provide all information required by you about the Green Deal, including how the  finance mechanism works through electricity billing, authorised GD providers, assessors and installers in your area, and how liability under plans transfers to subsequent bill payers.

GD advisors will be on hand to take your calls and answer all your questions from you on 0300 123 1234.

Can businesses apply for Finance?

The initiative is for homes AND businesses in the United Kingdom to improve the energy efficiency of ALL their properties. Check out our Green Deal for businesses page for more information.


Check out our Green Deal Training information page.

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