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Thanks to the Green Deal, you can get £10,000 towards the energy efficiency improvements to your home or commercial property. It’s a WIN-WIN for businesses, homeowners and tenants.

Here’s a list of 45 measures approved for Green Deal:

  1. Photovoltaics (Solar Panels)
  2. Gas-fired condensing boilers
  3. Oil-fired condensing boilers
  4. Heating controls for wet central heating systems
  5. Hot water controls
  6. Cylinder thermostats
  7. Loft or rafter insulation
  8. Cavity wall insulation
  9. Roof insulation
  10. Under floor insulation
  11. Pipework insulation
  12. Room in roof insulation
  13. External wall insulation systems
  14. Internal wall insulation systems
  15. Hot water cylinder insulation
  16. Draught proofing
  17. High performance external doors
  18. Replacement glazing
  19. Secondary glazing
  20. Solar water heating
  21. Air source heat pumps
  22. Ground source heat pumps
  23. Water source heat pumps
  24. Micro combined heat and power
  25. Micro wind generation (Wind Turbines)
  26. Biomass boilers
  27. Biomass room heaters
  28. Chillers
  29. Duct insulation
  30. Fan-assisted storage heaters
  31. Flue gas heat recovery devices
  32. Heating ventilation and air-conditioning controls
  33. Hot water showers
  34. Hot water systems
  35. Hot water taps
  36. Lighting systems, fittings and controls
  37. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems
  38. Radiant heating
  39. Sealing improvements (including duct sealing)
  40. Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices
  41. Transpired solar collectors
  42. Under-floor heating
  43. Variable speed drives for fans and pumps
  44. Warm-air units
  45. Waste water heat recovery devices attached to showers

As you can see, with the Green Deal Scheme, the Government is serious about creating more energy-efficient properties and reducing the UK’s carbon emissions in line with pledges made to the EU.

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 Double Glazing Insulation Cavity Wall Solid Wall Roof New Boiler Draught Exclusion Solar PV/Thermal


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 Double Glazing Insulation Cavity Wall Solid Wall Roof New Boiler Draught Exclusion Photovoltaics

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