What Is The Golden Rule?

Golden Rule

The ‘golden rule’ in the Green Deal Scheme is that the cost of the loan you get from the scheme can’t exceed the value of energy savings achieved – therefore protecting the property owner. The green deal has an EMPHASIS on protecting the property owner, but it also protects installers, too.

This ‘golden rule’ for property owners means that you will be able to gain all the benefits of a warmer, more eco-friendly home without any of the up-front costs you would normally have carrying out such home improvements.

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With the golden rule, you are protected under the green deal. You are also under no obligation whatsoever to follow through with any  green deal application or assessment.  Having an assessor/adviser survey your property is the FIRST STEP to reaping the rewards of the Green Deal Scheme.

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 Double Glazing Insulation Cavity Wall Solid Wall Roof New Boiler Draught Exclusion Photovoltaics

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