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…if you want to be among the very first homeowners or businesses to benefit from the opportunities of the new Green Deal Scheme – and get up to £10,000 to spend on energy-efficient improvements to your property.

You can make energy-saving improvements to your home or business without having to pay all the costs up front through the Green Deal. DECC

100% Free Advice

At NO STAGE will you pay for our assistance or advice.

Our advisors help you organise an approved assessor with full accreditation who visits your home or business and who will carry out an extensive consultation with you on the list of home improvement measures available and suitable for you.

This authorised assessor will compile an assessment of your  property so that you can organise finance from a provider with a view to approaching an independent certified installer to carry out the work agreed.

100% No Obligation

You are under no obligation whatsoever to follow through with any application, assessment or installation.  Having an assessor/adviser survey your property, complete the checklist for you and create a full report is the FIRST STEP to reaping the rewards of the Scheme.

We take the hassle out of  applying for the initiative, doing all the hard work for you and absolutely free of charge with no obligation to pursue any recommendations at any stage.

If you have just heard about the new deal from the UK Government and want to know more, the scheme launches in January 2013 in Wales, Scotland & England (expect to see adverts on your television any day now).

This DECC scheme aims to improve the energy efficiency of 26 million homes in the UK and up to 2.8 million commercial business properties by the year 2030.  Soft launched in October 2012, the full initiative will be available to the public on January 28 2013, and should allow property owners in the UK to reduce gas and electricity bills.

Funding will enable you (whether you are a homeowner, landlord , tenant or business) to insulate your home or commercial property and invest in energy-efficient home improvements, enjoy a warmer home or building, generate your own electricity and reduce the amount of energy you currently use. There is a wide range of measures and you can apply for funding for solar panels (photovoltaics), double glazing, a new boiler, a new heating system or roof and wall insulation.

100% Piece of mind

It’s good for the planet and it’s a great deal for you with the golden rule to protect you :

The Golden Rule is simple. The amount you repay for Greendeal improvements is based on what a typical household or business is expected to save on energy bills by having the work done. You’ll pay the money back through your electricity bill. This is so that the Green Deal stays with the property – i.e. if you move, you no longer benefit from the improvements and therefore stop paying for them.

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Our company is nationwide and is operating with an approved consortia and network of providers delivering services under the scheme code of practice direct to those responsible for properties, including landlords and tenants.

As with some grants and government backed solutions available, you can also apply for the programme (and even get assistance with costs) if you or your partner is on benefits, a low income or live in an old property.

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Our website and newsletter is a hub of information and will help you become familiar with the new deal. It will keep up to date with changes to the specification, latest events and related information you need to make the best choices to get the best products and packages to suit your circumstances. You can find a summary of the deal, any associated fees and more on how it works, explained here.

All our partners, from assessors, providers, managers and installers, are delivering solutions within the scheme and we can help you today. You can trust our organisation to pass your requirements to ONLY approved and authorised companies that have taken the appropriate courses, have the correct training and accreditation and work within the BSI group code of practice. Our partners are listed on the ORB network.

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